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icon-1wirelessWireless Skipping

Skipping anywhere, no more space limitation

icon-2realtimeReal-time tracking

Display your skipping time, average speed and duration, calories burnt real time on Archon App.

icon-3targetTarget Goal

Achieve your goal by setup your own skipping target (jumps, time or calories)

icon-4shareExercise Sharing

Use the Archon app to share workout activities and send to friends and followers on any social channel.

icon-5historySkipping History

Record your skipping duration, jumps, fat and calories burnt, date and time

icon-6appSeamless Synchronize

ARCHON TOUCH supports Android 4.0 and IOS 5.0 or above and works with major mobile phone brands.

icon-7bluetoothAlways Keep Connected

Archon Jump is a high performance in blue tooth transfer and low usage device. Keep synchronize the skipping data and workout will become more efficient.

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Archon Jump

Archon Jump wireless skipping rope encourages skipping even in minimal space. It does not only include traditional long skipping rope, but also two short skipping ropes to simulate skipping in limited space and record your workout in the Archon App.

Package includes:

– Handle x 2
– Long skipping rope attachment x 1
– Short skipping rope attachments x 2
– Pouch x 1
– AAA battery x 2
– User manual x 1


– LCD display
– Long skipping rope length: 3 m

Working environment

– Working temperature: -10℃ to 50℃


– Battery type: AAA x 2
– Battery life: 300 -350 hours (normal usage)