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Archonfit (for FIT SCALE)

Archon Fit Smart Scale utilize Advanced Dual Frequency Bioelectrical impedance analysis technology (BIA) to provide you with weight and other body composition data required to manage and monitor your personal health: BMI, Body fat%, Body water, Body age, Skeletal muscle % , muscle mass, protein, bone mass and BMR etc. The data can be synchronized to the Apple Health kit.

– Advanced Dual Frequency.

– 13 body composition data.

– Connect wirelessly to your smartphone.

– Manage daily, monthly and yearly body composition data Care about the health of your family and friends.

– Let Archon Fit help you to achieve your goal!

Archontrack App (for VIBRANTE)

Archontrack – A multi-functional sports and health management app that adds color to vibrant city life。


  1. Daily sport records
  2. Steps, distance, calories
  3. Multisport records
  4. Light,deep sleep monitor
  5. Average,minimum and maximum heart rate
  6. Atrial fibrillation
  7. Energy index
  8. ECG


ARCHON products work with Archon app of IOS or Android. It has the ability to track, analyze, share all the activities status and details that you are working on.
You can check your personal activities by going through the bar charts. You can track different kinds of activities status in different single app pages, and also you can share your progress in the social network while upload the sports data thought the ARCHON CLOUD.

ARCHON APP encourage you to keep up your sport spirit. You can make invitation challenge for weekly steps count, jumping and jogging etc. By having peers competition and encouragement from side movement, you could enjoy unlimited fun from now on every moment.

Connect multiple trackers to one account and the Archon app will automatically detect when you switch between them. So you can wear Archon Touch during workouts and riding bicycle with Archon Speed.


Remark: All Archon products are compatible with Android 6.0 or above, iOS 10.0 or above